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Shelby Naturals


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A cleanser that gently pulls bacteria, dirt and toxins from the skin, while hydrating and balancing. It infuses the skin with antioxidant protection and stimulates cell rejuvenation and collagen production. This cleanser leaves you with clean, hydrated, and glowing skin.
Ideal for all skin types.

- Cleanses
- Hydrates 
- Balances oil activity 
- Provides antioxidants 

60 ml

Lightweight oil

Apply 2-4 pumps onto face and eyes, massages gently. Place a comfortably hot face cloth onto face for 30 seconds. Remove cleanser with cotton pad or damp face cloth. If wearing eye makeup, massage eyes with one pump and remove makeup with cotton pad. 

*Camellia Seed Oil, *Golden Jojoba Oil, *Otto Olive Oil, *Castor Oil, ,*Lemon Essential Oil, *Sweet Orange, *White Grapefruit, *Peppermint Essential Oil
*Certified Organic

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