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Face Food Mineral Mist

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This essential oil free face mist acts as a redness corrector and is also the ultimate way to get the most out of your favourite serum, facial oil or moisturizer as it helps your skin to absorb vital nutrients much more effectively and efficiently. It's formulated with skin-friendly minerals that quickly absorb into the sub-vascular layer of the skin to maximize deep hydration.
Ideal for all skin types. 

- Hydrates
- Reduces redness and inflammation

100 ml

Spray directly onto face after cleansing and/or after moisturizer.

Use as a toner: Apply on a cotton pad and wipe over face.

With a Beauty Blender: If you use a sponge to apply your foundation then spritz your beauty sponge with Face Food instead of using harsh tap water.

With foundation: If you have foundation that is too thick then spritz some Face Food on your foundation brush or directly on top of your foundation in your hand to help sheer it out creating a gorgeous ideal consistency.

Aqua, Magnesium Chloride, Copper, Silver, Zinc Chloride.

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