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Serum - Moroccan Argan

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Infused with a powerful combination of neroli, myrrh, bergamot and sweet orange. Moroccan Argan Oil supports antioxidant and collagen production. Sweet Orange is rich in vitamin C and helps relieve inflammation. Bergamot is effective in reducing scars and pigmentation. Formulated for all skin types including sensitive skin.

- Hydrates
- Supports collagen production
- Reduces inflammation
- Reduces scarring and pigmentation
- Provides antioxidants

30 ml

Apply a few drops onto damp skin after toner in the AM and PM.
2-4 drops for oil skin; 5-7 drops for dry skin; 4-5 drops for normal skin.

*Moroccan Argan Oil, *Sweet Orange, *Bergamot, *Myrrh, *Neroli
*Certified Organic

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